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Smoked Pork Hocks

Smoked Pork Hocks

2-4 pieces per. pkg.
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This smokey and savory treat is served from our farm as 2 cuts per package. Each cut is about half of a pound in weight. Our pasture-raised limited reserve pork hock is taken from the ends of the loin of our high-quality hogs. The loin is the most tender part of the pig and runs from the shoulder to the hip.

We've spent a long time perfecting the best cuts for meat-lovers, and this is one of our finest. Trust us when we say that these Limited Reserve hocks are some of the most tender, juicy slabs on the market.

At Seven Sons, we prioritize taste, texture, and quality of every cut of meat we deliver. That's why our smoked pork is such a favorite among customers. They love the complex and savory flavor profile with notes of smokey deliciousness. We took a fresh, delicious loin and smoked it to perfection to enhance and elevate the natural flavor of the meat. We did all the hard work, now all you have to do is enjoy it.

Grill or bake these delicious chops for dinner. They are so good that they need to be eaten to be believed. We deliver farm to door. All you need to do is cook it through, and the flavors are already there. Shop our farm to door cuts of smoked pork chops today.