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Pork Bone-In Chops

Pork Bone-In Chops

1.1 lb. avg. / pkg
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The bone-in pork chop is known for its great texture and complex flavor profile. It is a wholly unique experience that grilling enthusiasts won't want to miss.

This delicious cut of pork comes from the loin of the pig, explaining its tenderness. Meat from the loin or rib is often the most tender, and having the bone left in makes it all that more juicy and flavorful. The meat comes in 2 cuts that average out to 1-1.2 pounds and is delivered farm to door for high-quality, pasture-raised cuts. 

Being one of the most tender and juicy cuts of the pig, this is a pork chop you won't want to miss out on. It is easy to get right and tastes instantly gourmet. The biggest problem people run into when cooking this cut of meat is drying it out too much. To keep it from getting dry, just be careful not to overcook.

At Seven Sons, we believe in pasture-raised farming done the right way. Our chops are high-quality and ready to be pan-seared, grilled, or baked. No one complains when this prized cut is brought to the table.

This delicious cut of pork is ideal for those looking for the tastiest flavor profiles out there.