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Pasture Raised Ground Pork

Are you looking for ground pork to make the perfect sauce? At Seven Sons Farm all our pork products are pasture-raised and finished, with GMO-free diets

Enjoy the staple pork product to add to many stews, sauces or other recipes.

When purchasing meat, ethical practices are always a concern. With Seven Sons, you have no need to worry: all our livestock is ethically sourced, as well as pasture-raised and finished. Pigs have a chance to forage, and can choose to supplement their foraging with non-GMO feed.

You can also rest assured that we never use antibiotics or hormones on our livestock. There's no factory farming going on here, just a family farm in Indiana dedicated to providing our customers with food they can trust.

No matter what item it is that you need, Seven Sons is the best place to go for any pork products you may be looking for. Place your order today to get high-quality meat delivered right to your home.