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Online Farm Tour

See what makes our farm so different!

Here’s what we cover in the 3-video tour:

• Learn the #1 step that farmers CANNOT skip when raising food (...yet many do)

• Learn why foods today contain less than half their minerals compared to 100 years ago

• Discover a historically-proven farming model that restores minerals back to YOUR food

• Go alongside us on pasture and see inside our portable hen houses (TRULY BEHIND THE SCENES)

Your Definition of Healthy Food is About to Change...

Become a health savvy consumer by getting a behind the scenes look at regenerative farming practices in action

Here's your tour itinerary:

Video 1 (6:31) - Explore our farm's cattle operating and see first-hand how ruminant grazing animals may be the most effective means to regenerate our food system literally from the ground up.

Video 2 (4:43) - Immerse yourself in the "pigness of the pig" and learn how these critters can play a vital role in a regenerative farming system. Find out why Scientific American recently featured our pigs in their world-wide publication.

Video 3 (5:02) - Discover how a life of a mere hen can play an integral in the overall health of our farm's ecosystem. We'll also expose some tricky and misleading label claims slapped on egg cartons in order to charge you a premium price at the checkout line.

Ready to experience our farm for yourself?

Meet Your Farmers & Tour Guides 

  • Blaine Hitzfield
    Blaine Hitzfield
    2nd Son
  • Blake Hitzfield
    Blake Hitzfield
    1st Son
  • Brice Hitzfield
    Brice Hitzfield
    3rd Son
  • Bruce Hitzfield
    Bruce Hitzfield
    6th Son

What are people saying about the Farm Tour?

"Excellent! Great job of explaining the importance of life in the soil and 100% grass fed beef. Looking forward to visiting your farm in October." - Cheri D.

"What a beautiful way of life! My two young children (5 & 3) watched with me. We had some wonderful discussion about “happy cows,” soil, mono/polyculture. My daughter loved the part where the cattle was released into the next day’s pasture and they all started running and kicking their feet up with excitement! Thanks for sharing!" - Cybele M.

"I have always heard that grass fed is the healthiest for you but never understood why. Your videos are so informative and explain in a simple way to understand why it’s the healthiest for you. Thank you so much for doing what you do and for taking the time to make these videos to help people understand. Much gratitude for the work you’re doing thank you again !" - Shirly