Fish & Seafood

Here at Seven Sons, we know how good fish and seafood is for our diets. That’s why we stock delicious wild-caught seafood. Browse our selection here.
$ 13.75

Royal Red Shrimp (RAW)

12 oz | 50-70 Count Peeled & Deveined Tail Off

$ 13.40

Wild Caught Scallops

12 oz bag | 10-20 count / bag (RAW)

$ 31.20
$ 18.99
Save $1.74
$ 5.21

Key West Pink Shrimp (RAW)

12 oz | 31-35 Count Peeled & Deveined Tail Off

$ 14.85
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Tana F., Happy customer

Our goal

To provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer

Fish and seafood is packed with vital nutrients like Omega 3. That’s why here at Seven Sons, we source only the best salmon, cod, shrimp, and carbon monoxide-free Ahi tuna.

Our Sockeye Salmon Filet tastes divine with new potatoes, while Cod is perfectly served butter-basted with capers.

Our fish is sourced sustainably, the same as all of our other products. Here on the farm, we raise all our animals on our own pastures to guarantee it was farmed ethically. We expect the same from our sourced fish.

Try our amazing fresh fish filets and steaks today! All are vacuum-packed and flash-frozen for the ultimate freshness. Get your order shipped to your door and enjoy free home delivery with orders starting at $159+ in many states, or schedule a pick here at the farm. Shop with Seven Sons today!