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Sockeye Salmon Filet (Boneless)

Sockeye Salmon Filet (Boneless)

1 | 5-7 oz Filet (RAW)

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  • Wild caught in Bristol Bay, Alaska
  • From sustainably sourced salmon
  • Perfect for grilled, baked, or fried salmon
  • Rich in omega-3

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Farm protocols

Product Details

Experience the high quality and fresh flavor of boneless sockeye salmon filet, wild-caught from Bristol Bay, Alaska, by our sustainable fishing partners. Sockeye is known for its rich flavor and dense texture.

This sustainably harvested sockeye salmon filet comes from our friend, Captain Tony. When caught, our partners immediately hand-filet, vacuum-seal, and flash-freeze the salmon to maintain its freshness. Each package contains a 5-7 ounce portion perfect for grilling, baking, or frying.

Our partners sustainably harvest sockeye salmon filets according to Alaskan quota standards. The fish comes with its skin, so it’s your choice to remove it or not when you cook it.

Delicious meals you can cook with boneless sockeye salmon:

  • Grilled sockeye salmon filet
  • Baked sockeye salmon filet
  • Pan-fried sockeye salmon filet

We hold our partners to the same high standards we set for ourselves so that you can buy sustainable seafood with confidence.

Order your boneless sockeye salmon filet today and experience the exceptional taste and quality for yourself!


Seven Sons ensures all their products adhere to strict protocols to provide our customers with products that are environmentally conscious, healthy, and humanely raised.

Our salmon follows this set of guidelines and protocols:

No Animal By-Products

At Seven Sons, we believe in ensuring our customers get only the best quality products for their health. 

That’s why we don’t use any animal by-products in our non-ruminant animal feed for our pasture-raised pigs and ethically-produced chickens. 

Additionally, our ruminant animals do not receive animal by-products as they get all the nutrition they need from grazing and foraging on regenerative pastures. 

Our commitment to providing meat that is both healthy and ethically raised ensures that our customers can enjoy high-quality meat while also supporting the environment and animal welfare.

When you choose Seven Sons, you can be confident that you’re making a positive impact on the world through your food choices.

Wild Caught, Never Farmed

At Seven Sons, we only source wild-caught fish that have never been farmed.

Our commitment to providing the highest-quality seafood means that we work closely with trusted suppliers who specialize in catching fish in their natural environment. This ensures that our fish are not only delicious but also free from harmful chemicals and additives that can be found in farmed fish.

Our fish are caught using ethical and sustainable fishing methods, which helps to preserve natural fish populations for future generations.


At Seven Sons, our seafood products are free from harmful chemicals. Our shrimp and other seafood are carefully harvested and never subjected to chemical baths, sprays, or cleansers that can be harmful to both the environment and your health. 

You can rest assured that our seafood is as pure and natural as possible, so you can enjoy a delicious and worry-free meal.

Sustainably Sourced

At Seven Sons, we sustainably source our fish and seafood products. That's why we only work with producers who practice time-tested sustainable fishing methods in their fleet. 

By choosing our sustainably sourced fish and seafood, you can enjoy your meals with peace of mind knowing that you’re making a responsible choice for the environment and future generations.

100% Fisherman Owned

At Seven Sons, we offer seafood products sourced exclusively from 100% fisherman-owned businesses. 

By supporting these independent fishermen, we help ensure that their traditional fishing practices and commitment to sustainable seafood are upheld. Shop our selection of quality seafood, caught with care and expertise by our trusted partners.

USA Caught & Cleaned

At Seven Sons, we provide you with the freshest and highest quality fish and seafood. 

All of our products are caught and cleaned exclusively in the USA. Our fish and seafood have never left US waters before they’re cleaned, flash-frozen, and delivered straight to your doorstep.


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Seven Sons' Five Steps for Fast and Safe Delivery

  1. Items are vacuumed sealed in BPA-free packaging for safe transit.
  2. Extra insulated boxes are designed to withstand hot temperatures.
  3. Vapor liners are used to reduce airflow & keep your food cold.
  4. Extra dry ice to keep food safe for at least an extra 24 hours.
  5. SMS notifications to update you about the status of your order.

To learn more about our home delivery service, please visit our delivery FAQ page


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