Meet Our Team

These are the folks that make it all happen

  • Lee & Beth Hitzfield
    Lee & Beth Hitzfield
    Visionary Founders
  • Blake Hitzfield
    Blake Hitzfield
    Livestock Operations (1st son)
  • Kim Hitzfield
    Kim Hitzfield
    Photography & Marketing
  • Blaine Hitzfield
    Blaine Hitzfield
    Marketing & Distribution (2nd son)
  • Charis Hitzfield
    Charis Hitzfield
    Content Marketing
  • Brice Hitzfield
    Brice Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations (3rd son)
  • Brock Hitzfield
    Brock Hitzfield
    Warehouse/Fulfillment Operations (4th son)
  • Brooks Hitzfield
    Brooks Hitzfield
    Customer Care/Administration (5th Son)
  • Bruce Hitzfield
    Bruce Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations (6th son)
  • Brandt Hitzfield
    Brandt Hitzfield
    Fulfillment Operations (7th son)
  • Jake Ryan Smith
    Jake Ryan Smith
    Technology & Design
  • Scott Lengerich
    Scott Lengerich
    Delivery Representative
  • Gregg Garman
    Gregg Garman
    Delivery Representative
  • Lucas Fisher
    Lucas Fisher
    Poultry Operations
  • Nathan Fisher
    Nathan Fisher
    Livestock Operations
  • Jacob Lock
    Jacob Lock
    Poultry Operations
  • Jerod Morris
    Jerod Morris
    Poultry Operations
  • Chandler Ballinger
    Chandler Ballinger
    Fulfillment Operations
  • Caleb McAfee
    Caleb McAfee
    Fulfillment Operations
  • Chad Graue
    Chad Graue
    Digital Marketing Ambassador
  • Thomas Miller
    Thomas Miller
    Chef and BBQ Pit Master