Lee & Beth Hitzfield - Visionary Founders

Lee & Beth Hitzfield were married in 1981 and began their farming career together as conventional row crop producers and confinement livestock operators. Much has changed since 1981. Inspired by their personal journey to persevere through family health difficulties, Lee and Beth developed a passion and vision to change their farming methods and pursue practices that would help heal and nourish the land and those who would eat of its harvest. As a result, Seven Sons Family Farms was founded in 2000 with the goal of reaching individual consumers with nutrient-dense pasture-raised foods. Today Lee and Beth are responsible for the broad oversight and direction of our operations.


Blake Hitzfield (1st son) - Livestock Operations

In addition to overseeing day to day farm operations, Blake is responsible for the careful planning and management of livestock grazing rotations, winter stockpile reserves, forage rotations as well as animal health and genetic improvement.Through several years of trial, error and success in pasture-based farming, Blake has many insights to offer others and routinely provides consulting to producers venturing into pasture-based livestock production. Blake currently sits on the board of the American Herbataurus Society and works close with renowned cattleman Gearld Fry.


Kim Hitzfield - Creative Design & Marketing

Kim Hitzfield is married to Blake Hitzfield and is a happy mother of two daughters and two boys. Kim has become an integral part of our marketing efforts. With a knack for photography she is responsible for most of the photographs seen on this website including our product photos. Kim also heads up the Seven Sons blog.



Blaine Hitzfield (2nd son) - Marketing & Distribution

Blaine has spent his life working on the family farm. During high school Blaine pursued an interest in multimedia design and marketing. Blaine's interest in marketing served as an integral part of helping his family develop a direct marketing business. Today Blaine is employed full time at Seven Sons and is responsible for overseeing daily marketing and distribution activities. Blaine enjoys sharing the Seven Sons story by speaking to consumer and producer groups and has offered consulting to numerous direct marketers and has written for Allan Nation's Stockman Grass Farmer.


 Brice Hitzfield (3rd son) - Poultry Operations

Brice is the 3rd of the Seven Sons and works full time on the farm overseeing every aspect of our poultry enterprise. Currently Brice manages over 2,500 laying hens and at full production he is responsible for handling and packaging over 150 dozen eggs on a daily basis. In addition to daily chores, Brice is responsible for flock health, raising replacements pullets, managing feed rations and pasture rotations and is also responsible for ensuring the profitability of this enterprise. In June of 2012 Brice married his high school sweetheart Katie. Together Brice and Katie look forward to a bright future at Seven Sons Family Farms.


Katie Hitzfield - Customer Service / Retail Sales

Katie is the newest bride at the Seven Sons Farm and we’re delighted to welcome her into the family and excited about the talents she brings to our team. When visiting our on-farm store on Saturday mornings you will most likely be greeted by Katie’s friendly smile and perky voice! In addition to her customer service responsibilities, Katie also helps her husband Brice with farm work. Katie has also earned her degree in Culinary Arts from Indiana Purdue University in Fort Wayne, IN.


Operations Team

These are the guys that keep our products coming your way! The operations team is responsible for managing our retail store and warehouse inventories, receiving and procuring products, fulfilling all buying club and wholesale orders and a wide array of customer service related activities.


Matt Weaver - Warehouse/Fulfilment Operations

Matt originally joined our team in 2013 as temporary summer help to assist in daily farm activities. His exceptional level of dedication and loyalty to his work quickly earned him a full time position to help head-up our daily distribution operations. Matt's diligence carried out on a daily basis has made him an invaluable asset to our team. Among Matt's many responsibilities he currently heads up our daily fulfillment activities as well as managing product inventories and shipping/receiving logistics. Matt graduated from Ivy Tech College in 2012 with a degree in Business Management. Matt enjoys spending time with family and friends. His favorite hobbies include sports and carpentry.


Brock Hitzfield (4th Son) - Warehouse/Fulfilment Operations

Brock’s main responsibilities include assisting with order fulfillment and inventory management as well as helping to manage our on-farm retail store. Brock also assists with farm and property maintenance activities. He's also a skilled photographer and videographer and he has put his talent to use by creating professional video promos and mini-documentaries for our farm. We appreciate the unique talents that Brock brings to our team. Brock enjoys hanging with friends, playing sports and is also pursuing an interest in computer and web programming. 


Brooks Hitzfield (5th Son) - Customer Care/Administration

Brooks chose to join our team taking a full time position in 2014. His core responsibilities include managing daily accounting activities as well as heading up our email and phone support. Each week Brooks is also directly with our fulfillment team as well as our club leaders to coordinate our packing and delivery logistics. He also plays an intricate roll in business development and strategic planning. Brook's attention to detail and unique ability to effectively manage the many moving parts of our operation make him a valuable asset to our team. 


Bruce Hitzfield (6th Son) - Poultry Operations

Bruce recently chose to join our team to pursue new opportunities with our poultry operations. Bruce works directly with his brother Brice to manage our several thousand pasture-based laying hens operation. Bruce now manages two  thousand hens of his own and leads up our operations egg processing team. Bruce's goal is to continue to bring growth, innovation, and direction to the poultry operations as they move forward.




Brandt Hitzfield (7th son) - Ranch Hand

Brandt is the youngest of the Seven Sons Family and has earned the official title “Ranch Hand”. After school and during the summers Brandt lends a helping hand wherever it is needed. He currently assist with order fullfilment and retail store operations as well as lending a hand with livestock production. Work’s never done on the farm so there’s always plenty for Brandt to do!



Jake Smith - Technology Development / Marketing

Jake designed and maintains the Seven Sons website, as well as develops and maintains our custom software platform that allows us to efficiently manage many aspects of our business. He also handles many of our graphic design needs, such as the design of our logo and product labels. He also plays an active roll in leading our internet marketing and social media efforts. Jake has earned his B.A from IPFW where he focused on Media Production. He has been a longtime friend of the Seven Sons Family and spent his childhood hanging out on the farm. 



Scott Lengerich - Delivery Logistics

Scott joined our team in April of 2013 and has become a valuable asset to us. Few words describe Scott better than; humble and fun loving! In addition to his work at Seven Sons, Scott is also a skilled full-time employed machinist with an eight year career.




Thomas Miller - Chef and BBQ Pit Master

Tom's love of cooking started at an early age, and his passion for healthy eating, pasture based farming and organic food brought him to Seven Sons Farm about 8 years ago as a customer, now as a part of the team as their "Official Chef and BBQ Pit Master"  His love of cooking low and slow, and smoking meats started a few years ago and his knowledge of using grass-fed meats in his recipes has grown tremendously!  By day he works in Healthcare Information Technology, and by night is starting a brand new adventure as a Food Blogger!  He will be assisting Seven Sons Farm with recipe development and creating video recipes to be utilized on their blog and website.  Tom and his wife Becky, currently reside in Vero Beach, FL.  For more information about Tom and his blog, be sure to visit Farm2Q2You.Blogspot.com


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