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Meet Our All-Stars

These are the folks that make it all happen

  • Lee & Beth Hitzfield
    Lee & Beth Hitzfield
    Visionary Founders
  • Blake Hitzfield
    Blake Hitzfield
    Chief Ranching Officer 🤠 (1st son)
  • Blaine Hitzfield
    Blaine Hitzfield
    Chief Executive Officer 👨‍✈️ (2nd son)
  • Brice Hitzfield
    Brice Hitzfield
    Managing Director @ HenGear 👔 (3rd son)
  • Brock Hitzfield
    Brock Hitzfield
    Creative Lead 🎥 (4th son)
  • Brooks Hitzfield
    Brooks Hitzfield
    Chief Growth Officer 👨‍💻 (5th Son)
  • Bruce Hitzfield
    Bruce Hitzfield
    Farm Manager 👨‍🌾 (6th son)
  • Brandt Hitzfield
    Brandt Hitzfield
    Chief Operations Officer 🔨 (7th son)
  • Kim Hitzfield
    Kim Hitzfield
    Creative Photography
  • Charis Hitzfield
    Charis Hitzfield
    Content Marketing Support
  • Catherine Hitzfield
    Catherine Hitzfield
    Executive Assistant
  • Marissa Hitzfield
    Marissa Hitzfield
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Alyssa Hitzfield
    Alyssa Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations / Social Media
  • Aaron Nieter
    Aaron Nieter
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Chad Graue
    Chad Graue
    Digital Marketing Director
  • Greg Shields
    Greg Shields
    Advertising Manager
  • Ben Begna
    Ben Begna
    Inventory Demand Planner
  • Hayley Mullins
    Hayley Mullins
    Director of Operations
  • Sonsee Hollingsworth
    Sonsee Hollingsworth
    Customer Care Representative
  • Pat Kane
    Pat Kane
    Director of Engineering
  • Otieno Julie
    Otieno Julie
    Software Engineer
  • Justin Eckelbarger
    Justin Eckelbarger
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Nola Jetmore
    Nola Jetmore
    Customer Amazement
  • Kathryn Molloy
    Kathryn Molloy
    Warehouse Manager
  • Noah Ray
    Noah Ray
    HenGear Assistant Manager
  • Joseph Bradley
    Joseph Bradley
    Farm Management & Poultry Operations
  • Jabez Bradley
    Jabez Bradley
  • Donald Schueler
    Donald Schueler
    Farm Management
  • Sarah Heilshorn
    Sarah Heilshorn
    Poultry Operations
  • Rebecca Traxler
    Rebecca Traxler
    Egg Processing Supervisor
  • Lillian Vaillancourt
    Lillian Vaillancourt
    Poultry Operations
  • Sophia Salway
    Sophia Salway
    Poultry Operations
  • Olivia Fingerle
    Olivia Fingerle
    Poultry Operations
  • Evalyn Hitzfield
    Evalyn Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations
  • Adalaid Hitzfield
    Adalaid Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations
  • Spencer Hollingsworth
    Spencer Hollingsworth
    Poultry Operations
  • Benjamin Beecher
    Benjamin Beecher
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Peter Schroeder
    Peter Schroeder
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Evan Clark
    Evan Clark
    Fulfillment Supervisor
  • Richard Secor
    Richard Secor
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Joshua Selzer
    Joshua Selzer
    Inventory Supervisor
  • George Springer
    George Springer
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Dawson Jones
    Dawson Jones
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Ryley Layman
    Ryley Layman
    Financial Controller
  • Breann Kratzer
    Breann Kratzer
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Michelle Vineleaf
    Michelle Vineleaf
    Customer Amazement
  • Bryton Hitzfield
    Bryton Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations
  • Tyton Hitzfield
    Tyton Hitzfield
    Poultry Operations
  • Kordell Cabe
    Kordell Cabe
    Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Jude Carsten
    Jude Carsten
    Poultry Operations
  • Stephen Harlan
    Stephen Harlan
    Poultry Operations
  • Luke Oehler
    Luke Oehler
    Poultry Operations
  • Joseph Carsten
    Joseph Carsten
    Poultry Operations
  • Isaac Oehler
    Isaac Oehler
    Poultry Operations
  • Benjamin Garner
    Benjamin Garner
    Poultry Operations
  • Abby Garner
    Abby Garner
    Poultry Operations

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