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Bison Boneless Chuck Roast

Bison Boneless Chuck Roast

2.1 lb avg. / pkg
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Cut from the shoulder of a bison, our boneless chuck roast is perfect for slow cooking- but the results are more than worth the wait. Because the muscles in the shoulder area are typically so powerful and well-defined, it's often best to braise the meat to make sure that it's tender. When done right, this process results in a beautiful roast which can really melt in the mouth.Between 1.5 and 2 lbs.. per pack, the chuck roast will benefit from being simmered. Try adding potatoes, root vegetables, onions, and garlic to allow the different flavors to infuse the meat while it cooks. Braising the bison in the broth will also help to tenderize the cut - while saving any juices which run from the boneless chuck roast during the cooking process.At Seven Sons, you know that we are committed to both the welfare of our cattle and the quality of our cuts. 100% grass-fed and free from hormones, steroids, and drugs, our animals are strictly non-GMO - and our meat is all the tastier for it.