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Traditional Smoked Salmon
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Latest Posts
November 5, 2016
This year we hosted monthly farm tours that gave customers the opportunity to experience an in depth look at how your food is produced at Seven Sons. We were humbled by customers and even other farmers who traveled as far as Pennsylvania and Louisiana to visit the farm. We look forward to seeing you next year when our tours pickup again in the spring!
November 5, 2016
Did you know that different plants have the unique ability to uptake certain minerals from the soil. This means the more plant diversity we have, the more minerals our animals have, and ultimately the more minerals you get. Watch how we employ our pigs to encourage plant diversity in our pastures.
October 15, 2016
It appears that retail grocery stores are now changing their tune when it comes to offering locally sourced products. Surprisingly this year alone, five midwest grocery store chains chose to offer pasture-raised eggs from Seven Sons. Can you guess which stores these are?

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