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Raving Pork Reviews

All is have to say is BUY THE BACON !!!!
Sondra Shaw Sondra Shaw
The sugar-free bacon is delicious! It was shipped promptly and properly kept frozen, arrived right on time.
Bradley Monk Bradley Monk
...I especially love the pork bratwurst it is the best out there...
William Watkins William Watkins
I recently purchased their bacon without sugar and did not tell my husband (he is not a healthy eater and was afraid if he knew it was different he wouldn't like it). He loved it and I have ordered several more!
Amy K Amy K
...I can't remember ever having such delicious bacon!.. We are working to make space in our freezer to purchase a larger bundle because we love knowing our farmers and the food tastes so much better when it's raised with mission and purpose. I'm so grateful I found Seven Sons Farms!
Katrina Laflin Katrina Laflin
...the roll of pork sausage was absolutely the BEST I've ever had. Wow!! I've wanted to order from Seven Sons Farms for years but didn't want the hassle of going somewhere to pick up my order. Now they deliver it right to my door! Fantastic.
Judy Buchanan-Hewitt Judy Buchanan-Hewitt

Hog Heaven at Seven Sons Farms


Why Pasture-Raised Pork?

  • Our hogs are raised in an outdoor immune-building environment, rather than indoor sterile environment promoting weak immune systems and need for antibiotics.
  • Our hogs are allowed to grow naturally and accumulate healthy body fat, and are NOT fed drugs like Paylean to promote lean muscle growth.
  • We rely only on time-tested hardy Heritage breed genetics, not hybridized industrial genetics.

Farm Life for our Pigs

  • Our hogs THRIVE outdoors in an environment where they enjoy grassy pastures, mudpits and shaded forests as they move to new paddocks spring to fall.
  • Responsibly rotationally grazed on diverse Indiana grasses which flourish year after year where they forage and express their natural instincts.
  • Open access to warm mulch-bedded winter greenhouses to shelter them during chilly Indiana winters.


Hog Harvest Sale Ends April 30th

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