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Bones & Organs

If you’re looking for organ meats near you, why not have Seven Sons deliver them right to your door? Buy bones and organ meat from beef, chicken, bison, and lamb raised on our regenerative pastures.

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Some people might get put off by the idea of eating animal bones and organs. Here at Seven Sons, we supply them for adventurous eaters, nutrient seekers, pet feeders, and more.

Our beef, bison, and lamb are 100% grass-fed and finished, raised on regenerative pastures, so you know you’re getting the highest quality meat.

These bone and organ meat products are part of our commitment to ethical practices. We believe it’s essential to use every part of the animal that we can. 

Aside from limiting waste, bones and organ meats are great for cooking. While bones are great treats for our furry friends, they also help make fantastic stews and broths. Broths made from bones are packed with iron, vitamins, and protein

Beef marrow bones are perfect for a bone broth. And if you’re looking for other recipe ideas, check out these 3 easy marrow bone dishes. If you want to save time, try our pre-made chicken broth or make your own using our chicken bones

You can also try our grass-fed beef bones or grass-fed lamb bones to make original recipes of your own!

We have everything from beef tongue to bison heart. The possibilities of what you can make are endless! They’re great grilled, braised, or pickled. You can even make tacos out of them!

Do you want to try out a new recipe? Maybe you’re just looking to switch over to an ethical source. Whatever your motivation, you can depend on Seven Sons for bone and organ meat delivered right to your front door!

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