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NEW - Pork Liver

NEW - Pork Liver

10 oz. avg. per pkg.
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**Exclusive Pricing as part of our 2023 Hog Harvest Sale thru April 30th**

Pork liver is nutritious and high-quality meat and can be used for a number of delicious recipes. With a tender texture and creamy taste, this nutritious piece is packed full of nourishing proteins and minerals. Our pork liver comes from hogs on the Seven Sons farm, where animal welfare is a priority. Pork liver is known for its tenderness and rich flavor and is a versatile meat that you can add to your daily cooking. It works well when served as the main with a tasty gravy or even as a great addition to a stirfry. It is best prepared by searing quickly.

This produces a medium-rare pork liver that offers tenderness and a creamy texture. Pork liver is packed full of high-quality protein, iron, and a range of healthy vitamins including vitamin A and B12. Like all of our products, our pork liver comes from pasture-raised pork, offering you high-quality meat with no nasty additives. For delicious meat with an additional boost of protein, vitamins, and amino acids, try our pork liver today.