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Bison Liver

Bison Liver

1 lb avg | pkg

If you're looking for a nutrient-dense, delicious source of protein, bison liver is the perfect solution. This mild, sweet, delicate cut of meat is a delightful alternative to a traditional beef steak. It's healthier, too: among other nutrients, the liver is rich in iron, Vitamin A, and B12. 

Since bison liver serves as a filter for the bloodstream, it's essential that the bison receive a clean and 100% grass-fed diet, as nature intended. Seven Sons commit to that quality, ensuring that we provide the customer with the healthiest product possible. 

Like all of our products here at Seven Sons, our bison liver comes from livestock that is 100% grass-fed, containing no MSG, added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or GMOs. At Seven Sons, we're committed to providing the best meats to our customers. Indeed farm to door, all of our meats arrive packaged in insulated packages to ensure that they remain frozen while they are on-route to our valued customers.

With ethical farming, we provide our customers with the highest quality available.