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Grassfed Dairy

Looking for exceptional grass-fed milk and smooth, tasty butter? Shop online with Seven Sons for only the best products from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals.


Fresh Milk and Eggs Box

2 1/2 gal Milk | 3 doz. Eggs
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$38.95 $34.95

Without a doubt, there is nothing better than dairy products from exclusively grass-fed cows. At Seven Sons, we’re proud to only sell dairy products made using top quality grass-fed milk. We believe grass-fed cows are the most ethical way forward, and that the quality of the milk is far superior.

Seven Sons butter is created using a small batch process, which gives the milk time to churn gently and create beautifully smooth, delicious butter. We offer salted and unsalted butter, excellent for baking, every-day cooking, or spreading on a warm slice of toast.

We also sell grass-fed whole milk by the half-gallon. You will be surprised by the difference grass-feeding makes to the taste, nutrient-value and overall quality of the milk.

Shop our range of grass-fed dairy products today, and treat yourself to dairy that simply tastes better and is made using ethical practices that keep cows happy.