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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my area?

We ship to the 48 contiguous states, so everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii. Just enter your zip and email when in our online store to create your personalized online store with only the products we offer and ship to your area.

Do you offer RAW milk?

Currently, our farm is not setup to provide raw milk at this time. However, we do refer our customers living in Indiana to a trusted and reliable farm called Pasture’s Delights. This farm is located in Decatur, IN and their Raw Milk is available through a “Herd-Share” program. Visit them at pasturesdelights.com, or call 260-366-6455.We do however offer a gently pasteurized whole, non-homogenized 100% Grass-fed Organic milk to our customers living in Indiana.

Do you sell larger bundles of beef?

Yes, we do, and we even deliver to your door. We generally have our 1/8th Beef Box available throughout the year, and make the 1/4 and 1/2 boxes available seasonally, such as during our Winter Beef Sale in Jan-Feb of each year.

Can you notify me when a certain product is back in stock?

At this time, our system is not set up to alert customers when particular items come back in to stock. Most items will be back in stock within 2 weeks to a month, although our bison and lamb items are seasonal and only come in to stock once or twice a year. Our website will be updated as soon as we get items beck in to stock, so the online store will serve as the most accurate log of what items are available to order. 

What is the subscribe and save program and what are the benefits?

You can choose our free subscription program so your orders will "auto" order for the order frequency you select at checkout. You can choose weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every 8 weeks for order frequency. You will receive 5% off the total of every order, and a meat freebie with every order,(usually 3 or so choices) as well. Each order will confirm with the exact products that the order before it had, but you will have the option to change the products on the order before it ships, so you have control over what you get in each order--you will just need to edit the order each time, (unless you want an identical order). You also have the opportunity to "skip" any order, and you can also cancel the subscription at any time. You will receive a reminder email several days before your orders ship, giving you an opportunity to edit the products being shipped, or to skip the order all together. You also have first access to any items that are short on stock in inventory--we will always fill a subscribe and save order first before a non-subscriber. That is not to say we won't ever be out of stock on an item for a subscribe and save order, but those orders will be filled FIRST with product that is available. 

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