Meet the Hitzfield Family

And yes, there really are seven sons :-)

Your Food. Our Mission.

Just like you, we’re frustrated by the lack of transparency in our food system. That's why we've embarked on a simple mission to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat of its bounty. 


Radical Transformation

Nearly 30 years ago we operated a fully conventional farm. However, as a result of a family health crisis, we became convinced that how we manage our soil, plants and animals will directly affect the health of those who consume the products of our farming choices.


A New Vision

In the late 1990s we embarked on a radical journey to transition to a regenerative pasture based farm. Due to overwhelming support from our loyal patrons, our vision was eventually realized as a farm-to-fork food venture that serves thousands of families with nutrient-dense foods grown from healthy regenerative soils. 


"The vocation of bringing food to your table is more than business to us - it's a personal ministry and responsibility that we take very seriously!" – Lee & Beth Hitzfield (Founders)


Meet the team :-)

“Shake the hand that feeds you.” ― Michael Pollan

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Our Philosophies



Preserving The Land

We believe that the grasslands are nature's foundation for preserving our expanses of fertile land. We believe the prairie's natural bio-diverse habitat works in symbiosis to protect and build the precious layer of fertile topsoil which the world depends on for food production. 

By practicing bio-mimicry and allowing plants and animals to carry out their intended purposes, we have the opportunity and privilege to provide our customers with a harmonious nutrient dense food source.


Purposeful Stewardship

We believe that all life is created for a specific purpose and that it is each and every person's responsibility (farmer and consumer) to learn and observe what those purposes are so that we all may be better stewards of the earth. 

We encourage every individual and family to invest time to learn where food comes from and develop a connection with local farmers and food producers.


Personal Responsibility

We believe that healthfulness is not the responsibility of doctors, corporations or for that matter the government, but rather, it is the responsibility of every individual. 

We believe that every person should take personal responsibility for their own health and the health of their family by learning and observing the positive and negative affects that consumed foods have on the human body and take the necessary steps to secure healthy sources of nourishing foods - REAL FOOD.


Building Trust

As more consumers begin seeking alternatives to conventional foods, the health food movement is seeing its share of aggressive marketers attempting to take advantage of consumer perceptions. 

At Seven Sons we take our customers' trust very seriously and it's our goal to earn long-term trust and respect by being up-front and honest about the claims we make about our products.



Our Fellowship

Because of the overwhelming support we are now grateful to partner with a small fellowship of carefully selected farmers and artisans that are committed to producing livestock according our specific standards. We invest time to visit and develop trusting relationships with our partnering farms in order to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. 

It is also our desire to provide any needed mentorship and support to our farms as we seek to build a likeminded community of producers that share a common goal of enriching their lands through sustainable farming practices that result in wholesome nutrient-dense foods.

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