Pasture Raised Pork Sausage

Seven Sons’ pork products come from pasture-raised and humanely treated pigs. Buy a variety of premium pork sausage flavors delivered to your front door! Our pork sausage is not only delicious, it’s sugar-free!
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$ 11.25
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“Excellent service, fast shipping, great care in packaging, and phenomenal products!”

Tana F., Happy customer

Our goal

To provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer

Whether you're looking for ground pork sausage, sausage links, beef sausages, patties, or summer sausage, Seven Sons Farms has options for you. 

Pork sausage links range from bratwurst to kielbasa to breakfast, all of which are sugar-free! Whatever you choose, you're sure to love it!

All our heritage pork at Seven Sons is pasture-raised and ethically sourced. Our pigs forage for food and have non-GMO feed available to them. We don't inject antibiotics, growth promotants, or hormones into our pigs, so youcan trust that the products you purchase from us are ethical and delicious.

Seven Sons is dedicated to providing ethical, healthy, and convenient food. We’re always transparent about our practices and the ingredients in our food. When choosing from our pork products, you know exactly what you're getting – sugar-free, high-grade, pasture-raised meats delivered right to your door.

Placing an order is as simple as creating an account, logging in, and choosing what products you want delivered! For an even greater value and added convenience, check out our Subscribe & Save program.