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Pork Summer Sausage (Sugar Free)

Pork Summer Sausage (Sugar Free)

12 oz / pkg
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This product might be our Pork Summer Sausage, but it's a treat you can enjoy all year long! We carefully season it with black and red pepper, celery powder, onion powder, and citric acid. Our smoking and cooking processes then infuse these delicious flavors.

The meat comes from our finest pasture-raised pork cuts. As part of our commitment to ethical farming, we never pump our pigs full of antibiotics or other drugs.

Unlike many similar products, this is yet ANOTHER sugar-free product from Seven Sons. The lack of added sugar makes it a healthier option while still being scrumptious. You'll no longer have to search for good-tasting, sugar-free summer sausage.

As you probably already know, makes the perfect on-the-go snack. You can take it with you whether you're hiking and camping or just going to a dinner party.

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Pork, Salt, black and red pepper, Citric Acid, Celery Powder, Onion Powder.