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Barbeque Beef Jerky

Barbeque Beef Jerky

2.25 oz / pkg
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Our barbecue beef jerky truly has the flavor of a classic Texas BBQ without the hassle of hours standing at the grill. We make it by dehydrating strips of our 100% grass-fed beef with salt, then adding in some of that savory Texas barbecue flavor.

Our jerky is portable and convenient and doesn't require any outside preparation. It's ready-to-eat, which is its biggest benefit. Just like our original flavor, our barbecue-flavored beef jerky is 100% grass-fed beef, so rest assured we never add any hormones, steroids, or anything else bad or unhealthy. It's a wonderful healthy snack that is portable and convenient. It is also a relatively healthy snack because it is rich in protein and has an excellent supply of zinc and iron. It gives you a lot of energy in a small package. Our barbecue-flavored jerky truly is a delicious snack that you can take anywhere.

It's an easy car snack, and quick to pack for work or school, or just eating it at home without worrying about any mess. It's quick and simple, which are its biggest benefits. Try our Seven Sons barbecue-flavored beef jerky today!



Grass fed beef, salt, spices, brown sugar, paprika, onion powder, molasses, celery powder.