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Pasture Raised Ground Lamb

Sometimes, ground beef or turkey doesn't cut it, which is why Seven Sons offers pastured ground lamb, perfect for meatballs or a good old fashioned burger!

You've had a beef burger about a thousand times. Maybe you've even experimented with a turkey burger. But for a protein that is lean like turkey but meaty in taste like beef, you can't go wrong with ground lamb.

Seven Sons Farms sells 100% grass-fed ground lamb as the solution to your problems. Our pastured meat comes from the shoulder, legs, and other nutrient-rich muscle cuts of the animal. The flavor is unbeatable, and the cut's not the only reason why.

Ethically raised simply means "more delicious." Our animals lead stress-free lives on our farm and eat natural all-grass diet. There's no more need to worry about the source of your meat. Seven Sons Farm is a reliable family farm ready to meet all your needs.

Ordering our 12 oz ground meat packages is a breeze on our online store. Just pick up at the farm, or get delivery to your door! Seven Sons Farms is there to make your next grocery shopping trip easy.

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