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In love with lamb? We have different cuts and forms of this delicious meat. Browse Seven Sons’ selection of various pastured lamb products here.

Lamb meat is a great alternative to beef, as it’s leaner and packed with nutrients.

At Seven Sons, we make sure you get the meat you want, raised the way you want. Our sheep are raised in open pastures, and we never use antibiotics or hormones.

Our lamb meat comes in various cuts. If your cooking is versatile, we have ground meat you can use to make meatballs or burger patties.

If you’re serious about grilling, you can browse our loin, lollipop, rib, and shoulder chops. For the cook who enjoys pre-prepared options, we have Italian links and breakfast patties, all seasoned and ready to cook.

At Seven Sons, you’re sure to find a product you and your family will love! Want it delivered right to your doorstep? Our team will deliver your order in a refrigerated box to keep your meat fresh.

If you’d rather grab your order yourself, you can stop by one of our many pickup locations.
Satisfy your savory side and try one of Seven Sons’ many lamb products today!