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Grassfed Lamb

In love with lamb? We have different cuts and forms of this delicious meat. Browse Seven Sons’ selection of various 100% grass-fed & finished lamb products.

$18.10 /lb.
Avg. 41.78 lb.

At Seven Sons, our sheep are 100% grass-fed on regenerative pastures. We don’t use any antibiotics or hormones, so you’re getting the most high-quality meat available!

Our lamb meat comes in various cuts, like loin chops, rack of lamb, and leg of lamb. If your cooking is versatile, we have ground lamb you can use to make meatballs or burger patties. Lamb meat is more tender and moist than other meats, so try it out on a favorite recipe to change things up.

If you enjoy grilling, you can try our lamb loin chops or the lollipop – which is the French rack after being parted into individual pieces. 

For those who enjoy a good lamb stew, we also offer grass-fed beef for stew and bison meat for stewing if you want to try something different.

At Seven Sons, you’re sure to find a 100% Grass-fed lamb product you and your family will love! Want it delivered right to your doorstep? Our team will deliver your order in a refrigerated box to keep your meat fresh.

If you’d rather grab your order yourself, you can stop by the farm.

Satisfy your savory side and try one of Seven Sons’ many lamb products!

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