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Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Loin Chops

7-10 oz / pkg

For a flavorful cut of meat that is tender and juicy, try lamb loin chops. This cut comes from the tenderloin section and has no bone. Instead, it has a lot of flavors and sufficient marbling for juiciness.

Lamb loin chops are very versatile in the ways that you can prepare it. You can marinate it in herbs, roast it with garlic, or sear it with vegetables on the side for a delicacy your family will demand again. Exploring the culinary options is just one of the reasons to try this enticing cut of meat from Seven Sons Farms.

These loin chops are among the most popular of our lamb options. We guarantee a high-quality product with no artificial preservatives or additives. All lamb products on the Seven Sons Farms come from animals that eat grass and have been pasture-raised and free-roaming.

Rest assured, all of our products come backed by a quality guarantee on the final product and animal welfare. We deliver it in an insulated box designed to let the product go farm to door to table in no time.

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