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'Frenched' Lamb Rack

'Frenched' Lamb Rack

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For a sophisticated cut of meat that is perfect for dinner parties, look no further than the Frenched lamb rack from Seven Sons Farms.A Frenched lamb rack is the result of a process called "Frenching," which involves the removal of the fat, membranes, and meat connecting individual rib bones. The process creates elegant centerpiece meat, perfect for sophisticated meals.

We make the process easy for you by Frenching the lamb before shipping it to you. From there, you can season it, tie the rack together for a "crown roast," and prepare it for a great meal. It might seem complicated, but it is surprisingly easy to garnish, prepare, and enjoy. You can serve the cut as separate chops or double chops.  The Frenched rack is one of the best options in our pasture-raised lamb inventory.

All our products are GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. The Seven Sons mission centers on faithful stewardship for the animals and honest labels on all our products.From farm to door, we keep this mission at the forefront of our work.

Recipe to Try

Enjoy an elegant meal in with this delicious Lamb Rack Recipe.