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Grass-fed Lamb Bacon

If you’re wondering where to buy lamb bacon, Seven Sons can help. Our lamb bacon is pasture-raised and sugar-free. If you need an alternative to pork or beef bacon, try our 100% grass-fed lamb today.

Most of us can agree that bacon is an irresistible food. We all crave it alongside breakfast, on a burger at lunchtime, or as a meal, if you try our epic steak cut bacon.

But pork bacon just isn’t for everyone! Whether you’re watching what you eat or have special dietary restrictions, you still have options.

Seven Sons Farms has the perfect alternative for you to try: lamb bacon. Our hardwood smoked lamb tastes like the "real thing" but with a unique, gamey twist. You can also buy ends for chopping and achieving a nice crispy texture.

Our lambs are raised ethically on regenerative pastures. No drugs, antibiotics, or GMOs go into any of our products. The biggest perk is that our lamb is 100% grass-fed, ensuring the animals have a natural and healthy diet with a natural flavor that will delight everyone at your table.

You can buy our grass-fed lamb bacon at our online store. You can order for pick up at our Roanoke, IN farm. 

And if we're not local to you, don't worry! Just create an account, place your order, and it will be delivered directly to your door. Enjoy Free Home Delivery with all orders of $159 or more.