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Lamb Bacon (Sugar Free)

Lamb Bacon (Sugar Free)

8 oz / pkg

This delicious side is one of the staples of a well-rounded breakfast. Traditionally, bacon is any salted or and cured meat that typically comes in thick strips or slabs.

While most think of pork when they picture it, lamb is a great alternative that delivers rich, mouthwatering flavor. 

Seven Sons Farms offers a hardwood smoked lamb bacon that is bursting with the smoky, sweet flavor of Applewood. The combination of salt, Applewood, and the naturally gamey taste of lamb makes for a sizzling option like no other. We also use celery juice powder and sea salt when curing our Applewood lamb bacon. 

This 8-oz package comes with several guarantees – including the promise of humane treatment of all animals. The lambs are grass-fed and free-range, meaning they consumed natural products that are free of steroids and hormones.

The product also has no gluten, MSG, sugar, or nitrates. We ship everything in insulated boxes that keep your meat frozen until you are ready to prepare a sizzling side for all to enjoy.


Cured with: water, celery juice powder, salt, sea salt.