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Epic 'Steak Cut' Bacon (Sugar Free)

Epic 'Steak Cut' Bacon (Sugar Free)

10 oz / pkg
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You are in for a treat with our Epic "Steak Cut" Bacon. Each package comes with four 3-ounce steaks, which is plenty to use in different meals throughout the week.This product offers the ultimate taste for someone who is looking for a unique culinary experience. We smoke this product just like our regular bacon. Where it varies is in its thickness. It's the perfect upgrade to a more traditional breakfast steak. You can fry it like standard bacon and feast on it like steak.If you're feeling adventurous, you can also use these cuts in other applications. Use a piece to create the ultimate BLT or serve it at your next backyard barbecue.This product is part of our premium reserve, so you will only receive the highest quality cuts. Here at Seven Sons, we treat all of our animals humanely, and this product is no different.We ship this product frozen right to your doorstep, so it stays fresh until you're ready to prepare and serve it.



Pork Prepared with up to 20% water solution containing 2% or less of: celery juice powder, sea salt.