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Pork Bacon Ends (Sugar Free)

Pork Bacon Ends (Sugar Free)

12 oz / pkg
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Our sugar-free ends are cut from the same part of the hog, where you get your favorite thick-cut bacon. This means the powerful flavor profile you're used to from your favorite cut of bacon is cubed and ready for cooking.

Pork ends give you the rich, savory taste you want in a good cut of pig. They are perfect for serving with any meal. Their versatility as a cut of pork makes them easy to match with other tastes like veggies and other foods.When you think of bacon ends, you may not be thinking of health benefits, but we beg to differ. At Seven Sons, our sugar-free cuts are ideal for any healthy eater who wants to indulge in some delicious, pasture-raised meat. We serve it up in 0.75-pound packages for just the right amount of salty, smokey deliciousness for your dish. Add it to a stew or try it with your next barbecue-inspired dish. There are a hundred ways to dish it up.This type of meat is known for a smokey flavor profile with tons of savory notes. Sauté, bake, or fry your healthy and tasty cut of meat from Seven Sons to maximize the taste and bite down on this delicious cut of hog.

This cut is typically taken from the belly or back of the pig. The fattiness of it depends on this factor. These flavorful, fatty chunks are chewy and savory in all the best ways.



Pork Prepared with up to 20% water solution containing 2% or less of: celery juice powder, sea salt.