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Pasture Raised Pork Bacon

Try Seven Sons Farms bacon, with options like Canadian and steak cut bacon available. All our livestock are pasture-raised and finished.

Everyone loves bacon, and we've got plenty of variety to please any palate! Regular pork bacon, cottage, Canadian, steak cut, pork jowl, and ends are all the options you can choose from the Seven Sons collection.

All our products are cured without MSG or nitrites, and the sugar-free varieties are cured without any additional sugar. Seven Sons is dedicated to transparency when it comes to ingredients, and our bacon is no exception. Rest assured that these products come with no fillers or preservatives. Instead, expect plenty of flavor and variety!

The livestock at Seven Sons are always pasture-raised and finished. Pigs are allowed to forage, and their natural diet is supplemented with non-GMO feed. We also never use antibiotics or hormones on our livestock. Seven Sons Farms are committed to ethically sourcing all the meat that we produce.

Get everyone excited for breakfast with one of our delicious bacon products today. Just create an account and choose your products online to get your order delivered right to your front door.