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Cottage Bacon

Cottage Bacon

12 oz / pkg

Has your breakfast fallen a little flat recently? If you're sick of the same old bowl of cereal, consider checking out our Cottage Bacon.

This product delivers to your doorstep in a 12-ounce package. It is the perfect addition to any meal or as a standalone snack.We slice off this savory cut of meat from a hardwood smoked shoulder.

This process offers a leaner and more roundly-shaped slice. It's very versatile so that you can use it in any meal, but it does make a particularly tasty breakfast treat.

Our Cottage Bacon is free of MSG, nitrites, nitrates, GMOs, antibiotics, steroids, drugs, and hormones. There are no unnecessary added ingredients. Every ingredient present in this product, including water, brown sugar, and celery juice powder, enhances this meat's flavor.

One way you can use this product to revolutionize your product is by making a Cottage Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with a croissant roll as the base.  To add a homey feel to your morning routine, pick up a package of Seven Sons' Cottage Bacon today!


Perpared with up to 20% solution of: water, contains 2% or less: brown sugar, celery juice powder.