Grass-fed Beef Buying Guide

Get Your Questions Answered and Learn How Our Farm Brings You The Best Grass-fed Beef

How is Our Beef Processed?

(5:48 Minutes) Seven Sons goes to great lengths to ensure the integrity of your beef is maintained at every step of harvesting and processing. This matters not only for the humane care of the animal but it also affects the final quality of your beef.

How Does Grazing Impact Beef Quality?

(3:30) Watch and see how our grasses and 20-year history of building life into the soil impacts the quality and taste of your beef.

Does the Breed of Cow Impact Taste?

(3:19 Minutes) Learn why "prized" breeds like Certified Angus no longer delivers the consistent quality it once did. In this video, we expose the unintended consequences of industrial breeding and how it affects the welfare of the animal itself.

What do our Grass-fed Cattle Eat During Winter?

(3:54 Minutes) Learn how we "stockpile" sections of grass during the warm months that are then grazed during winter. In addition, we also bale hay during the growing season and that we can feed on those snowy Indiana winter days when the grasses are harder to get to.

What is the Best Grass-fed Steak?

(12:13 Minutes) Listen in as Brooks describes differences in cost, mouth feel, marbling, and tenderness of top grassfed beef steaks. He also debunks a few myths about grass-fed meats.

What is Relationship Between Grass-fed Cattle and Cleaner Air?

(3:32 Minutes) Interested in learning how we at Seven Sons Farms are using cattle to improve the quality of the air we breathe? Click to listen to Blaine debunk yet another myth that grassfed cattle are harmful for the environment. As you'll learn, it's quite the opposite.

What is Relationship Between Grass-fed Cattle and Cleaner Water?

(3:08 Minutes) At Seven Sons we believe in raising clean, ethical food through holistic planned grazing that benefits our environment. In this video, Blaine discusses how our farm is increasing soil carbon levels and how that leads to a cleaner water supply.

Seven Sons Farm Cattle Operation Virtual Tour


(9 short videos) Come out on pasture with Blake and Blaine to go more in depth into our cattle protocols and learn how we use management intensive grazing to produce food over 14,000 families eat with confidence.

Top 6 Misleading Labels to Watch Out For When Buying Beef


(9 minute read) Beef is a big culprit when it comes to misleading claims. Why? One of the main reasons is that compared to chicken or pork, beef has a higher perceived value and therefore there’s a greater temptation for companies to increase profits using claims.
This article exposes what I consider the most misleading claims you will encounter when shopping for beef..

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