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About Canned Meat

Did you know that Canned Meat was the first product our family ever offered? It's true. We're a little sentimental about it here, too, since we brothers grew up on Beef N' Noodles, Beef Stroganhoff, Beef Stew and other fast and easy (delicious) kitchen creations our mom, Beth, put on the table.

This old-fashioned canned beef comes precooked as tender chunks in broth ready to be incorporated into meals within minutes. With 7 active boys, you can see why this was a staple in our house. Whether you keep this around for a quick go-to meal-ready pantry item, or for an emergency food supply item, we know you'll be a happy customer.

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Canned Meat F.A.Q.s

How is this canned meat prepared?

Pulled from beef round material and trimmed into chunks, hand packed, then pressure cook until fully cooked and tender.

Is the consistency ground meat or chunks?

This canned meat for home delivery is precooked tender CHUNKS, not a ground beef consistency.

What are the best types of meals to use this for?

This is the ideal meat to be used for stews, soups, beef stroganoff, and beef & noodles-type meals. Since it comes as tender chunks, it would not be ideal for tacos and chili.

Can I Subscribe & Save to this item?

This product cannot be added to Subscribe and Save orders. But current Subscribe & Save customers can place one-time orders for canned meat that are independent of their custom subscription order.

Is this shipped with my other Seven Sons items?

The 6-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack all come in their own box, separate from your frozen Seven Sons pastured meats. These products do not require refrigeration during transit.

Can I buy fewer than 6 cans?

No. Due to the logistics of shipping the items via UPS or other couriers, the minimum order quantity is 6 cans.

How long is your canned grassfed beef shelf stable?

5 years.