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Grassfed Beef Organs

Seven Sons sells and deliver some of the most unique bones and organs available! Explore our extensive collection of tongues, bones, or organs here!

At Seven Sons, we pride ourselves on not only limiting the waste we create but on offering the consumer high-quality bones and organs that they may not be able to find elsewhere.

Our collection of organ meats from our 100% grass-fed cows can pack a nutrient-dense punch. We waste none as we supply you with tongues, tails, livers, and more for your at-home recipes.

We offer different grass-fed organs for beef cows as well as chicken and lamb alike.

If you are making your own stock or broth, you only want to use the highest quality of materials. At Seven Sons, we guarantee that your ingredients will taste great as soon as they arrive at your door.

With our account creation process and delivery system, it has never been easier to acquire these kinds of organ meats. Expand your culinary horizons by exploring the lesser-known parts of these animals today.