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Grassfed Beef Jerky

Looking for pure beef jerky with amazing flavor delivered right to your door? Enjoy our multiple flavors of jerky made with high-quality grass-fed beef!

Beef jerky is one of the best snacks you can have. Whether you prefer it seasoned to the max or just a simple traditional style, Seven Sons Family Farm has your back.

With three major flavors available (original, barbecue, and sweet pepper) you can crush any jerky craving. Each option gives you a different experience through natural flavor and intense seasoning.

Once you make an account on our website and select your flavor, you can expect this 100% grass-fed jerky to appear straight to your door soon after you order. Worried one order might not be enough? With bulk discounts for all possible orders available you can get a twelve packet of your favorite to hold you over till the next order while saving some extra cash.

If you're a beef jerky fan, we can't wait for you to taste the farm to table difference with Seven Sons products. When it comes right from the farm rather than a plastic container on a shelf at your local store, you'll bite into an untarnished meat that leaves you begging for another bite.

This beef is never fed any grain or corn in its life and when ordering a simple cut like jerky you will know immediately that Seven Sons offers true grass-fed beef.