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Grassfed Beef Jerky

Are you looking for grass-fed beef jerky for a healthy and nutritious snack alternative? At Seven Sons, our flavor-filled pure beef jerky is delivered right to your door. Enjoy original, BBQ, and sweet pepper flavors!


Seven Sons beef jerky is an excellent snack for those on the go, for school trips, hiking, or any other activity. They’re not only tasty but also full of protein and low in carbs

With three major flavors available (original, barbecue, and sweet pepper), you can satisfy any jerky craving. Each option gives you a different experience through natural flavor and intense seasoning.

And, as you can expect from our farm, each flavor is MSG-free, Gluten-free, Nitrate-free & Sugar-free!

If you're a beef jerky fan, we can't wait for you to taste the farm-to-table difference Seven Sons offers. When it comes right from the farm, you'll bite into a perfect piece of meat that leaves you begging for another bite.

Our cows are pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed and finished. We never supplement their diet with grain and don’t use antibiotics, so you get the most high-quality meat possible. You’ll taste the difference with the first bite!

If you want to change up your snack choices, we have a variety to choose from, like jalapeno roam sticks, hickory smoked pastured pork roam sticks with pineapple, and sugar-free beef summer sausage, to name a few!

Worried one order might not be enough? With bulk discounts for all orders, you can get a packet of twelve of your favorite to hold you over till the next order while saving some extra cash.

Order online today to get your order sent directly to your door. We’re excited to receive your order! Don’t forget to Subscribe & Save for 5% off + a FREE item with every order.