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Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God by helping busy, informed consumers
gain access to safe and ethical foods they can eat with confidence.

Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having
a direct relationship with a farmer consumers can know and trust.

What We Do

We raise cattle, hogs, and hens on our 500-acre farm in Roanoke, IN.

We serve 5,000 customers through neighborhood pickup and home delivery of our products.

We conduct onsite fulfillment of over 10,000 orders per year for our customers.

We supply our private branded eggs to 100+ midwest grocery stores.

We provide powerful online marketing tools for over 250 farms through our sister company

We provide innovative poultry equipment to farmers across the globe through our sister company

Our Core Values

Unyielding Integrity
As individuals we tell the truth, taking personal responsibility for our mistakes and failures, and we honor our commitments to each other and our customers, even when it is difficult, expensive or inconvenient.
Prioritizing People
We believe that people are our most valuable asset. We intentionally position team members to work in their area of greatest strength so they can make the greatest level of contribution and experience the highest level of satisfaction.
Infectious Enthusiasm
We spontaneously spread that enthusiasm about our farm and our company to each other, our customers, and the public.
High Leverage
We invest our time, energy, talents, and resources into opportunities that provide an exponential return on investment, either measured by money, impact, or both.
Relentless Wow
Every animal we raise, every order we pack, every conversation we have is an opportunity to earn trust and create a magical moment for our customers. We treat our customers as kings and queens.
Total Ownership
When we fail… we own it, resolve it, and learn the lesson to avoid it in the future. We move quickly to accomplish our most important tasks, not getting derailed by procrastination or perfectionism.
Quality of Life
We prioritize quality of life above profits and results, so that everyone can have the time needed to invest in their most important relationships and contribute their best results at work.
Continuous Growth
We never stop learning, and we do not rest on our accomplishments. We seek to continually improve ourselves and our work in order to create more value for our customers.

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