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Grassfed Bison Organs

Given your nutrition a boost with bison organ meat! All-natural full of nutrients, Seven Sons gives you the quality you deserve!


Are you looking for the best way to give your dishes some more flavor?

Well, you’ve found the perfect solution with bison organ meat. These cuts help utilize the whole animal to limit waste while giving your nutrition a healthy boost.

You can count on a delicious dish when you use bison that comes from Seven Sons and our trusted network of farmers. Our product is always pasture-raised and we never use GMOs to feed our animals.

Shop with us online now. Get some great meat at our on farm store, or have your order shipped straight to your door. Create an account today to order from a wide selection with ease. You can even come visit us at our farm store to get a taste of our down-home style yourself.

Browse on your own time, and when you’re ready to take your dinner to the next level with great bison bones and organs!