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Grassfed Beef Bacon

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Much like our other beef products, we cut no corners with our bacon-infused burgers. The bacon itself comes from the same quality farm where we produce our beef, handled with care from start to finish. By not adding any extra sugars or additives, the hardwood smoked bacon perfectly blends with the 100% grass-fed beef.

Although subtle, the difference in experience when eating one of these burgers is the unique and premium flavor. Our recipe adds less than 2% celery juice powder and sea salt to help bring out the flavors of the beef while still allowing it to be the main attraction.

Feel free to load your burger up however you want, whether that means tons of toppings to go on it, or just a little layer of cheese. You cannot go wrong if the main ingredient is this patty - prepare for plenty of accolades from friends and family.

We're also thrilled to introduce 100% beef bacon product smoked to perfection.