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Grassfed Beef Bacon

We don’t offer beef bacon at this time, but try our non-beef bacon products and the beef burgers infused with pasture-raised pork bacon!

Buy 100% grass-fed beef online from Seven Sons family farm. Our premium beef products are additive-free and ready for delivery to your door!


All our grass-fed beef comes from our regenerative farm and trusted partner farms. In our store, you’ll find delicious bacon-infused burgers, all-beef hot dogs, ground beef patties, and more!

Although subtle, the difference in experience when eating one of our grass-fed bacon burgers is the unique and premium flavor. Our recipe adds less than 2% celery juice powder and sea salt to help bring out the flavors of the beef while still allowing it to be the main attraction.

Our grass-fed ground beef patties are pre-made, meaning you’ll save time and can plan your meals ahead of time!

Our cows are raised ethically and humanely on regenerative pastures. No GMOs, antibiotics, or other drugs go into our animals. On top of that, our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. You can’t go wrong if the main ingredient is our beef!

We also think you’d like our pasture-raised pork bacon, lamb bacon, or bacon-infused bison burgers. And if you’re really up for something great, try our epic steak-cut bacon!

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