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Lamb Bacon Ends

Lamb Bacon Ends

8 oz avg. / pkg
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The possibilities of bacon do not end at pork meat. Indeed, lamb bacon is a delicious alternative that still sizzles and cracks with rich flavor. This version comes from the belly of the sheep.

Smoked and cured, lamb is a delectable counterpart to fatty pork. The belly of the lamb has more flavor and gaminess than the pork option, which for many meat-lovers is a significant plus. This type of meat brings an entirely new definition and taste to this breakfast favorite.This product can be both halal and kosher-friendly when prepared in the right way. This dietary alternative means you can still enjoy the rich flavor of bacon with breaking restrictions. Finding this in grocery stores can be difficult, so we made it a priority to stock this option in our lamb selection. The pasture-raised options from Seven Sons are extensive, but this option rises above as one of the most popular choices. The meat is gluten-free, GMO-free, and MSG-free. Our products are also steroid and hormone-free. We ship these twelve-ounce packages in an insulated box that keeps the meat frozen until delivery.