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12oz Lamb for Stew

12oz Lamb for Stew

12 oz / pkg
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The pre-cut, recipe-ready lamb chunks for stew from Seven Sons Farms is simplicity at its finest. We hand-cut these chunks from the leg, shoulder, and other muscles of the animal for lean, flavorful additions. Find the perfect blend of flavor and goodness for your next culinary masterpiece.

Each twelve-ounce package is rich with nutrients, vitamins, and flavor for the perfect stew, soup, or broth. Lamb often has less marbling and fat than other types of meat, so you are using choice cuts for a healthier meal.

Combined with hearty vegetables, this lamb stew will quickly become a home favorite.There is no need to stew over the options with high-quality meats that you can expect from Seven Sons Farms.

Every delivery arrives frozen in an insulated box to preserve freshness and prevent contamination.The products have no hormones or steroids present, and they ship straight from farm to door. Our ethical farming practices guarantee the simplicity of the products because you know there are no additives, animal by-products, GMOs, or other entities present.

Recipe to Try

Ready to try a hearty stew as an alternative to Beef? This Lamb Stew recipe is a sure bet.