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Ground Pork

Ground Pork

1lb / pkg
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Our old-fashioned ground pork is the perfect addition to just about any recipe in your kitchen. It's great for casseroles, meatballs, salad crumbles, tacos, and even pizza toppings. Our selection at Seven Sons farm is cut from the shoulder of the very best hogs on the market.

This meat is finely ground to be an easy meal starter as soon as you buy it, and it goes great with just about any recipe you could think of. Try it in a meatloaf dish or even a simple spaghetti. It is texturally similar to sausage, but different in that it comes unseasoned.

This makes it ideal for adding to sauces and foods with strong flavors because it won't lead to a palette clash. We sell it pasture-raised in 1-pound packages for easy farm to door purchasing.

This type of pork is cut from different areas of the pig but is most often pulled from the tasty shoulder area. This cut is ideal for standing up to strong tastes like barbecue or chiles, but can be tough and requires slow cooking. This is why ground pork is such a best-seller. It allows you to take advantage of the flavor profile of the shoulder, without dealing with the toughness in cooking.