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Italian Sausage (Sugar Free)

Italian Sausage (Sugar Free)

1lb / pkg
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This meat packs quite the flavorful punch.  At Seven Sons, we season to perfection with all-natural ingredients for a strong and spicy flavor profile. Fennel, black pepper, and paprika make up a majority of the vibrant tastes you expect with any Italian sausage. Chomp down on this spicy and sweet best-seller from Seven Sons farm today. 

We take quality seriously, which is why all our pigs are pasture-raised. Our pork is MSG-free and doesn't include nitrates. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy delicious pork. Healthy, sugar-free and gluten-free meat is our specialty. We serve up our homegrown farm to door premium cuts of delicious pork in 1-pound packages easy for quick cooking. 

Sausage is usually cut from the shoulder or loin of the hog. These are some of the most tender and juicy parts of the hog, making this cut a perfect choice in texture. Try our delicious sausage pre-seasoned and ready to cook. The traditional hot and sweet tastes are a widespread favorite among all meat-lovers.