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Spicy Sausage (Sugar Free)

Spicy Sausage (Sugar Free)

1 lb / pkg
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Are you a fan of our Farm Style recipe? Our Spicy Sausage package uses the same Farm Style recipe that our loyal customers can't get enough of—but there's an added twist! Our Spicy Sausage contains some extra red pepper to offer a kick for those who enjoy a flavorful breakfast!The other ingredients included in this product are pork, salt, water, black pepper, red pepper, extractives of mace, sage, and rosemary. This unique combination offers an unforgettable taste that you'll want on your breakfast table year-round.This product is excellent for those who are adhering to specific diets. It is free of both gluten and sugar, so you don't have to worry about an allergic reaction or abnormal blood sugar levels when you consume this product.We treat our animals humanely for their benefit and your health. You won't find any MSGs or nitrites in our Spicy Sausage. Feel good about eating a breakfast that tastes good! You can also use this sausage as your spaghetti dish's meat component or incorporate it into any other meal where you see fit.