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NEW - Pork Heart

NEW - Pork Heart

11 oz. avg. per pkg.
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**Exclusive Pricing as part of our 2023 Hog Harvest Sale thru April 30th**

Pork heart is lean and contains very little fat. It weighs between three to four pounds and is incredibly nutrient-dense. It requires a "low and slow" cooking method, but it tastes robust. Before cooking, you'll want to slice off the fat pockets, which you can render into pork lard for cooking if desired.

Cooking methods can vary for this part of the pig. You can grill it, slice it thinly and bread and fry it, pan-sear it, or throw it into a hearty stew. It can even make for a delicious, juicy burger. The flesh of the heart is not fatty, so it can mix with fatty ground pork in patties. If used in stew, it will take on a tougher texture than other bits of meat. Consuming pork heart has many health benefits as it's high in essential B vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, coenzyme Q10, and more.

With pork heart's combination of B vitamins, iron, and coenzyme Q10, and zinc, means it’s great for your heart. Plus, at Seven Sons, we guarantee that all our pork is from pasture-raised pigs. We never add hormones, nitrates, GMOs, or drugs. Overall, our pork heart is an excellent option for people who want to stay heart-healthy.

Lastly, pork hearts are also popular with pet owners looking to incorporate nutrient-dense organ meats into their pet's diets.