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Pork Sirloin Chops

Pork Sirloin Chops

12 oz avg. / pkg
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This package includes 2 juicy cuts of our natural, pasture-raised pork are just waiting to be tossed on a grill. Saute it, roast it, or even fry it, it always tastes amazing. Sirloin is cut from the loin of the hog. This is the most tender meat from the animal and runs from the leg to the shoulder.

In particular, it comes from around the hip of the pig. It is a delicious cut that is both lean and flavorful. While it doesn't pack quite the same flavorful punch as the rib chop, it is still a perfect choice for a big meal.We serve up our delectable pork in packages of 2 hearty portions, averaging about a pound in total. Order them farm to door to start cooking. Chefs love these chops as an ideal choice for marinating and tossing on the grill. This is because they are from the loin, meaning they're more tender than other cuts. They get some great flavor from the leg muscles and can be seasoned easily and cooked to perfection.Our premium cuts of pork are MSG-free and nitrate-free, meaning you're getting high-quality meat from farm to door. Trust our pasture-raised, hormone-free meat to be the perfect addition to any recipe. Try these tasty chops for a great night out at the grill and delicious dinner for the family.