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New Hen House For Pastured Egg Production

June 6, 2015
Seven Sons Pastured Egg Production - Serving Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky

The race is on... A new flock of hens will be moved out to pasture tomorrow and we're working hard to get their new mobile shelter ready!
This is a new innovative design not seen on many pasture-based farms yet in the USA. At Seven Sons we're always implementing new concepts to help pioneer the movement of pasture-based farming. 

06/07/15 Update:

Building project is complete and hens are successfully move out to pasture. Enjoy photos below:

Laying Hens in Portable/Moveable Hoophouse for pastured egg production

Each mobile hoophouse accommodates up to 1,000 laying hens per unit. These houses are moved to fresh pasture several times each week allowing the hens to graze all season. This makes for some great tasting eggs!

Laying hens inside the mobile/moveable hoophouse

Inside the mobile hoophouse the hens are accommodated with an automatic drip water system as well as hanging feeders for free-choice non-GMO feed. We find the hens will consume up to 25% of their diet from grazing in the pasture. This is actually very good as chickens are not ruminant animals like cattle or buffalo. 

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Blaine Hitzfield

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