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Response to mRNA Vaccines

Due to recent news articles about using new mRNA vaccines for cattle, our team and family have received numerous emails and phone calls about this topic. I invite you to read the blog post below, where I've posted my research and answers to commonly asked questions.

Farm Life Show (Ep. 10) - Core Values That Drive Our Team

We recorded this episode for other farmers but as an act of transparency, but invite our customers to go behind the scenes and listen in to the conversation, too. In this article, we want to share what our 5 core values are and provide a backstory on why we give time and attention to having company core values in the first place.

Farm Life Show (Ep. 9) - Battlefields to Fertile Fields

In late August we were fortunate to host Army Captain Gil De Leon for a week-long visit to our farm. Capt. De Leon is a 17-year Army Veteran, husband, father to 6 kids....and an aspiring regenerative farmer. In this post we share how he's transitioning from wearing combat gear to a cowboy hat and boots...

Farm Life Show (Ep. 07) - Summer Farm Update

It's been a busy 2022 so far. Today Blaine and Blake discuss our decision to start raising 100% Grassfed Lamb, the return of our Farm Tours and big Farm Fest, a Bison update and how we are managed after severe wind damage to our hen house.