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Farm Store Progress

Believe it or not, our new farm store is actually constructed on large skids so it could be repurposed just in case we'd ever need a larger store! We partnered with a local Amish owned sawmill to help us build this store onsite. It was amazing watching how fast these hardworking fellows were able to construct this custom log cabin building. It was like watching giant Lincoln Logs being assembled! Checkout the photos and let us know what you think in the comments below...  A few exciting things to look forward to... Free giveawaysSpecial promotionsBuy 7 get 1 free dealsExpanded selection of brand new products Not to mention some long-awaited improvements... In-store credit card payments options (FINALLY!!!)In-store staff assistance during all hoursExpanded pickup days for online pre-orders Same day pickup of select bulk bundlesAnd more much more!

An Easter Message from Seven Sons

As I type this blog, I'm reminded how as a small child we would wake up before dawn to attend Easter service as a family. It was a tradition for our congregation to gather in a cleared wooded area near our church as Pastor Denny would lead us in an Easter message.

Purposeful Pig Production

At Seven Sons we have 3 foundational tenets for good stewardship that guide the management of our land and livestock. When deciding what species of plants or animals to raise and how to manage them, we ask ourselves 3 specific questions...

Referral Program!

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Our Visit To The Cunningham's Ranch In Oregon

​We were recently at a conference in Idaho where we spoke about our sustainable farming practices. While in Idaho we had the unique opportunity to visit Cunningham Ranch​. ​The Cunningham Ranch consists of 1,800 acres of private land plus 100,000 acres of public rangeland shared with neighboring ranchers located in Jordon Valley Oregon. Our friends Sean and Liz Cunningham are 4th generation ranchers and their family originally settled the ranch in 1914. Today the ranch raises grassfed cattle, lambs and pastured hogs and is also home to lots of wildlife including Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Sage Grouse, Pheasant, Quail and even some Cougars.​ We actually meet Sean and Liz​​ at a previous conference in southern Georgia last year. Check out the video below to see more:

The Skinny on Skim Milk

Some of the most common dietary advice when it comes to weight loss and eating healthy is to consume only low-fat or non-fat dairy. I’ve talked to many people who say they drink skim milk because they think it’s healthier. But, is skim milk really healthier?