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How Our Cows Sequester MORE CARBON Than They Emit

May 2, 2020

In recent years, the humble cow has been blamed for being an environmental liability and some have gone so far to say that consumers should stop eating beef altogether. 

However, if you think about it, millions of these ruminant animals have lived on this earth for millennia, being a symbiotic member of building healthy ecosystems. 

Cows are not any different than the tens of millions of bison and antelope that once migrated and grazed the world's prairie lands for millennia. 

Common sense begs the question... why should humans suddenly start blaming ruminant animals for harming the environment? 

Are these poor cows really to blame or is there more to the story? 

My goal in the video below is to humbly share what our family has observed after 2 decades of raising cattle ethically and in a way that effectively stores more carbon in our soil than these pasture-raised cows emit during their lifetime.


Don't miss Part 2 of this series to see how our grassfed cattle contribute to a cleaner water supply.

Additional Learning

Check out a few of my favorite videos featuring some of the brightest minds in the scientific and regenerative farming community. 

A Regenerative Secret

This is a powerful short documentary that breaks the thinking that cows are the problem. Contrasting the catastrophe of the current cattle industry with the hopeful and inspiring paradigm of Regenerative Ranching. This emerging form of ranching is not only restoring ecosystems but also recharging watersheds and helping ranchers across the world become more prosperous.

How Regenerative Farming Offers Hope for Future Generations 

This is my all-time favorite TED Talk by one of our heroes Allen Savory. It's nearly impossible to watch this short talk without having a changed perspective on how farming practices have the power to re-shape the world our children will inherit. 


Blaine Hitzfield

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