Announcing Free Pickup With $4.50 Handling
October 29, 2016 • 0 comments


Beginning November 1st 2016 we will now offer free pickup (with $4.50 handling*) on all orders picked up at any of our 50+ pickup locations.

Years ago when we first started our business we only offered pickup at our farm in Roanoke, Indiana. At that time we had customers driving over 100+ miles to pickup their orders at our farm. In an effort to serve our customers better, we began offering a service of delivering orders to central pickup locations in nearby cities. At that time our order volume was lower and less predictable so we charged a per pound delivery fee to help cover our time, fuel and vehicle cost.

Fast forward to today, our remote pickup locations have become so popular that it now accounts for the large majority of our direct sales. Since our volume is much more predicable, we can now account for the cost of delivery within our overall model. 

Previously orders incurred a delivery fee of 15¢/lb plus handling. Moving forward this means even large bulk orders of several hundred pounds will no longer incur this per pound delivery charge. A flat $4.50 per order will apply as we do not require a minimum. This amount goes a long ways to help us cover our minimum labor and packaging cost that goes into each order regardless of its size. 

It is our goal that these changes will simplify your buying experience as well as provide a better sales model for our farm. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly by emailing Thank you for your gracious support of our farm over the past 16 years!

*We will continue to offer free delivery and handling on all orders picked up at our farm as well as our nearby Fort Wayne locations.

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