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Farm Life Show (Ep. 08) - Daily Life of the Seven Sons

posted on

August 19, 2022

As you might expect, we field a handful of questions about the story of our family. For example...

Are there really Seven Sons? Yep.

Are there any daughters? No daughters, but 6 wonderful daughters-in-law (and 14 grandkids!)

Does everyone get along working together? Yes, we absolutely do. We've all been through a lot together and we're thankful to see the harvest that has grown through much sacrifice and adversity.

But one of the most common questions we get, usually from fellow farmers, is "What Does Each of the Seven Sons Do on the Farm?"

Blake and I recently sat down for the newest edition of our Farm Life Show Podcast and YouTube show to answer that question. We spent nearly 20 minutes on the topic as you can watch above, going into pretty specific detail about our roles.

As an alternative, I have the CliffsNotes version for you here.

Blake, the 1st son

Blake is heavily involved with and leads the production side of our farm. He loves being outside, working with and caring for the animals, and overseeing the health of our pastures.

He also manages the relationships with our producer farm network, taking visits, pasture walks and hosting grazing schools. You'll always find Blake at the heart of any infrastructure or clean-up project we start on the farm, big or small.

If you follow us on Instagram, you've seen him in action.

Also, I can speak for the rest of my brothers to confirm how much Blake's leadership as the oldest brother is valued in all things we do here at the farm.

Blaine, the 2nd son

My main role and area of interest are in marketing. In high school, you could find me building and designing websites.

While Blake's responsibility is to raise animals, my role is then to find good homes for our products. :)

I, along with all of my brothers, wholly believe in what we do, and so, I view it as my responsibility to share what we're doing by communicating transparently, clearly and consistently with our customers. 

It matters to me that I do my part to earn our customer's trust with every interaction.

Brice, the 3rd son

Brice is heavily involved in our laying hen operation where he brings his creativity to designing, engineering and continually refining the mobile structures our hens reside in, rollout nesting boxes that help us produce clean eggs and more.

Brice also works with hundreds of other small-scale pasture-based farms (and backyard chicken farmers!) to coach them and connect them with the equipment he designed. You can see all that Brice is up to at

Brock, the 4th son

Brock is pretty much a creative genius. :) He helps in the marketing and branding side of the business where he oversees the creation of our new print order guide insert, any pamphlets, logos, box design and much more. 

He even is the one who produces, edits and publishes our Farm Life Show videos and podcasts. Without a doubt, he is a man of many creative talents that we keep busy!

Brooks, the 5th son

Brooks has worn a lot of hats on the farm over the years, from packing orders, to providing excellent customer service and more. But we soon learned that Brooks is an EXPERT technical problem solver.

Ultimately, he played a key role in helping us develop our own eCommerce platform,, that the Seven Sons website and now 450+ other farm's websites run on.

Brooks now runs that business, but we make sure to pull him in for his expertise often.

Bruce, the 6th son

Bruce has taken the baton from Brice to now fully oversee our laying hen operation. That means that he and his team monitor the health of the hens, collect eggs and ultimately help them live an awesome life so they produce a lot of healthy eggs.

Bruce's hard work and attention to detail helps our farm to have a "lay rate" that consistently exceeds the industry norm for Mobile Pastured Hens. He's accomplished this while doubling the size of our hen flock to 14,000 birds since the time he took over.

In addition to providing eggs to many online and local Seven Sons customers, Bruce was paramount in helping us get our eggs in over 100 Whole Foods stores regionally.

Brandt, the 7th son

Brandt started down in the warehouse packing orders and making sure orders got sent out on time. Nowadays, Brandt plays an integral role as our supply chain manager.

He builds some of the most comprehensive spreadsheets you'll find to help him monitor which products are selling so that we keep our frozen product inventory in balance with our animal inventory.

That means he also regularly connects with Blake and our processing partner to make sure we have a steady supply of products available for purchase. It is a BIG, BIG job and Brandt is executing on it like a champ.

As you can see, we each bring our unique talents to the team and as Aristotle once said, "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts."

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us.

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