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Beef Minute Steak

Beef Minute Steak

16 oz avg. / pkg
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Minute steak, also known as cubed steak, is a cut of meat that has gone through a mechanical tenderizer and appears to have cube-shaped intonations on the surface. The cut usually comes from the beef round primal cut or the shoulder, but you can get cubed cuts out of most tough cuts of beef. Since it comes from the cheaper parts of the beef, it's affordable without compromising on flavor.

Minute steak does not contain much fat or marbling, making it a slightly lean cut. Without much marbling, more seasoning is necessary. The leanness makes it great for meal options such as chicken fried steak or stews. Further, it can dry up quickly, so it's best to use it in meal options that will have gravies or moisture-filled sides such as onions or mushrooms.

You can cook this cut in a multitude of ways, from pan-frying to sauteeing or braising. Since it's tough but tenderized, it's excellent for preparing a quick family meal in little to no time—living up to its namesake of "minute steak." Although it can cook quickly, it can also roast slowly in a crockpot or oven, making it truly versatile.